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Believing Comes By Hearing

Lincoln Brandenburg shows the Pillars of Personhood diaplsy at Georgia Regents UniversityAs Christians and pro-lifers, we possess valuable, powerful, life-saving knowledge. And I was struck last week with the responsibility we have as stewards of truth in a dark, broken world.

You Cannot Be Pro-Abortion And A Feminist

Sometimes I feel like I am in a time machine, and that I have gone far back into time. Back before pre-packaged cheeseburgers and air conditioning—into the Dark Ages. It is impossible to turn on a television, particularly to a news channel, and not hear about a woman’s reproductive system. Literally, the entire 2012 election boiled down to a uterus. The liberal left calls it a “war on women.” And yes, I agree there is a war on women.

Thank You, Facebook

In most pro-life circles, the topic of graphic abortion photos is controversial at best. Personally, I think that graphic images of individuals who have suffered injustice or atrocity should be handled with care and tact, but should be shown.

Georgia Right to Life Responds to Call for New National Pro-Life Group

NORCROSS, Ga., June 16, 2014—Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) President Daniel Becker today announced the formation of a new national pro-life organization, the National Personhood Alliance (NPA), a confederation of faith-based, pro-life organizations and leaders who believe pursuing Personhood is essential to protecting