A Grisly 44th Anniversary

This month is the 44th anniversary of Roe v Wade—a date that marks the beginning of an escalating disregard for human life.

Its grisly legacy goes beyond the 58 million innocent children slaughtered to satisfy the self-centered who place their desires above another’s right to life. It increasingly extends to a lack of compassion for the elderly, the disabled and infirm, as well as gruesome experimentation to alter what it means to be human.

“Once a society decides it doesn’t value or recognize the personhood of every pre-born child, it begins to lose respect for life at all stages and conditions,” noted GRTL President Ricardo Davis. “Only a God-inspired change of heart will reverse this tragedy.”

Pro-aborts will gleefully celebrate the carnage while continuing to press for “abortion on demand and without apology.”

Last month Hollywood revealed its intent to once again promote the culture of death with its announcement of plans for a new movie that will proclaim racist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger to be an “icon and hero.” The movie, based on Ellen Feldman’s book, Terrible Virtue, will be directed by Ron Howard.

Furthering his fanatical pro-abortion legacy, President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services recently issued a new rule that requires states to fund clinics that perform abortions. A major recipient—Planned Parenthood.

2017 Georgia March For Life – January 23 at Liberty Plaza

At the same time, those who value all innocent human life will mark the tragic day with memorial services, marches and prayer vigils. Georgia’s annual March for Life will be conducted on Monday, January 23 beginning at 11 a.m. at Liberty Plaza—located on Capitol Avenue across the street from the State Capitol.

Mike Griffin, Public Affairs Representative for the Georgia Baptist Convention and senior pastor at Liberty Baptist in Hartwell, will serve as master of ceremonies.

The event will include a pro-life prayer service led by Bound4Life, Atlanta; praise and worship songs performed by Kurt Scobie; and a testimony of abortion, adoption and reunion by special guest Bette Noble.

Keynote speakers will be the Benham brothers. Former minor league baseball players, the Benhams are nationally acclaimed for speaking about their faith, pro-life values and their personal sacrifices and lessons learned by confronting a culture hostile to conservative values, especially respect for the sanctity of human life.

The event will conclude with a one-mile silent march through downtown Atlanta.

Historical Context for the March for Life and Sanctity of Human Life Month

The motivation for such events was prompted in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation designating January 22  as National Sanctity of Human Life Day. (Actually, January is now recognized as National Sanctity of Life Month.)

He issued the proclamation annually thereafter designating the third Sunday in January, which represents the Sunday closest to the original January 22 date. The Roe decision was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court on January 22, 1973.

Both Presidents Bush continued the tradition. Presidents Clinton and Obama did not.

Hallmarks of a Society That Has Turned Its Back on God

The pro-life cause was not helped last month when the University of California at San Francisco released a study claiming that women who underwent an abortion are at less risk of adverse mental effects (such as depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction of life) than women who were denied an abortion because their pregnancy was too far along.

Antonia Biggs, lead author of the study, told Yahoo News that: “These data indicate that women should be trusted to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive lives.”

The lone study stands in stark contrast to numerous studies—dating back years—that conclusively show women can experience severe physiological trauma after ending the life of their child.

Abortion, disregard for the elderly, euthanasia and dangerous experiments are hallmarks of a society that has turned its back on God and sought its own way. GRTL’s monthly newsletter has highlighted many of these issues, including:

In addition to mourning the tragedy of Roe and its legacy, pro-life supporters need to use this black anniversary as motivation to continue their efforts to end the holocaust and to share this information with friends and family, so they may do likewise.

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By Wayne DuBois
Georgia Right to Life
Media Relations Advisor