Abortion: The Un-Choice

The abortion industry has a dirty little secret:  as many as two out of three abortions involve pressure, coercion or even violence.  In fact, homicide is a leading cause of death among pregnant women. 

A forced or coerced abortion occurs when a woman undergoes an abortion against her wishes.  The pressures may begin subtly enough but can escalate into threats of blackmail or worse, physical violence.

Arguments surrounding the abortion issue speak boldly of women’s ‘choice’.  Ironically today, many women abort because they feel that they have no choiceno financial/emotional support from their spouse/partner, no church family, no hope for the future.  

Where does she turn in her hour of need?

Pregnancy is a physically and emotionally vulnerable time for a woman.  Expectant mothers may face spiraling pressure to abort from a variety of sources including:  boyfriends or husbands, parents, employers, profit-driven abortion businesses, or even landlords, friends, family members, schools, or trusted religious authorities.

The reality is that many abortion providers simply do abortions on request, no questions asked. Most women receive little or no counseling in advance of the abortion procedure.

Women are not questioned about coercion or other serious issues. Too often women are not made aware of community resources (such as local pregnancy centers) available to assist them with particular needs.

Even worse, many are misinformed about abortion alternatives and associated risks, and told little or nothing about their developing preborn child.

The epidemic of coerced or unwanted abortion is rarely reported. Regrettably, many women face unknown pressures from people who want them to abort without regard for their feelings or desires.  Teens are at even higher risk for becoming victims of coerced abortion.

In a study titled Forced Abortion in America, the Elliot Institute gives the following scenarios as a sampling of the horrors that women may endure:

a homeless woman was denied shelter until she submitted to an unwanted abortion … a teen was ridiculed by a school counselor and bussed to the abortion clinic … a daughter was pushed into an abortion clinic at gunpoint by her mother … … a 13-year-old was returned to her molester after her abortion … three sisters were raped repeatedly by their father and forced into abortions for nearly a decade.

Coerced and/or forced abortion is a serious problem.  It may involve professional negligence or malpractice by healthcare workers, counselors and social workers.  It may involve other bias as well.  The problem is intensified by those who may minimize or even deny abortion related risks and problems.

Timely and accurate information is especially critical in an untimely pregnancy.  If only these young women would turn to their local pregnancy center.

Pregnancy resource centers are a non-profit, faith based ministry providing young women and men educational resources, services, and support related to pregnancy, parenting, adoption, post abortion care and more.  All services are free and confidential.

Many people may not have any one to talk to in a time of crisis.  They need to be heard - to really be heard - and not be judged.  Pregnancy tests and options counseling are a crucial part of the services offered.  Trained counselors and medical staff can provide details on human growth and development long ago forgotten from biology classes.

Abortion information will be carefully reviewed, including the wide array of short and long- term, physical, emotional and spiritual risks.  Adoption information is also presented in a caring and compassionate way.

Ultrasound services may also be available.  There is nothing like a live image to drive home the reality of life in the womb!

Women need to understand all of their options in order to truly have a choice.  They need a reliable source of information before making life changing decisions – decisions they may regret for the rest of their lives. 

The local pregnancy center can be just that place.

Be prepared to share information about your local pregnancy center - the services they provide, their location, etc. You can help guide a pregnant woman to resources and information - and help save lives! Here in Geogia, go to http://www.grtl.org/Pregnancy-Centers. Outside of Georgia, go to http://optionline.org/.


Suzanne L. Ward

Public Relations/Education