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Updated: 1 hour 2 min ago

Belgium’s euthanasia commission under fire after shock letter by whistleblower

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 03:09
But commission denies that there has been any negligence Read more...

Ukraine: a new surrogacy hotspot

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 02:23
An increasingly number of desperate couples are descending on Ukraine. Read more...

Former NFL players turn to stem-cell therapies for help

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 02:19
Several former members of the Dallas Cowboys have received stem-cell therapy in Mexico. Read more...

Netherlands passes opt-out organ donation law

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 02:14
Persons over the age of 18 must notify authorities if they don't want to donate. Read more...

ACLU challenges Ohio’s down syndrome abortion law

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 02:05
The ACLU has launched a legal challenge against Ohio’s new down syndrome abortion law. Read more...

Indian husband steals wife’s kidney without her knowledge or consent

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 07:41
Illegally sold to a sick businessman to settle a dowry Read more...

Membership rising in Swiss assisted suicide group Exit

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 07:20
Last year, it helped 734 people to die

First case report of transgender woman breastfeeding an infant

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 07:01
Modest but functional lactation can be induced in transgender women Read more...


Sat, 02/10/2018 - 08:03

‘Father of 15’ testifies at surrogacy trial

Sat, 02/10/2018 - 05:41
A Japanese man believed to have fathered 15 surrogate children has testified in a Thai court. Read more...

Disability rights activists decry Delaware assisted suicide bill

Sat, 02/10/2018 - 05:34
The bill would allow assisted suicide for patients with intellectual disabilities. Read more...

Dental students and professor pose for photo with two severed heads

Sat, 02/10/2018 - 05:26
Dental students and a professor have been chided for taking a selfie with severed heads. Read more...

Scientists grow human eggs to maturity in vitro

Sat, 02/10/2018 - 05:24
Scientists have grown several human oocytes to maturity in vitro. Read more...

Germany outraged by emissions tests on animals and humans

Sat, 02/03/2018 - 01:05
But are the protests ill-informed?

Enthusiasm for gene therapy cools after animal tests

Sat, 02/03/2018 - 00:51
High dosage led to toxicity and animal deaths

Canadian court tells doctors they must refer for euthanasia

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 20:29
An Ontario court has told a group of doctors that they must refer for MAiD. Read more...

British infant has life support withdrawn after court battle

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 20:25
A court has ordered life support to be withdrawn from an 11-month-old boy. Read more...