China Syndrome: A Grisly Saga

The gruesome reality of China’s one-child policy shocked the world last month with the forced abortion on a 23-year-old woman who was seven months pregnant.

The tragedy gained worldwide attention after her husband posted graphic photographs of the dead child lying next to his wife.

(Since its adoption in 1979, China’s one-child policy has resulted in the death of more than 400 million children.  That equals 13 million a year, or more than 35,000 a day).

Chinese officials forcibly aborted the child because the family could not pay the $6,300 penalty for having an unsanctioned pregnancy. As a result, on June 2 the child was injected and killed against the parents’ will.

After the picture went viral on the internet, LifeSiteNews reported that the husband agreed to an interview with the German magazine Stern.

Not long after that, the internet featured pictures of a crowd of “protestors” outside the couples’ home holding signs reading: “Severely beat the traitors and expel them.”

The couples’ family, who came to their aide, said they did not recognize any of the protestors, prompting speculation that Beijing had ordered the harassment.

LifeSiteNews reported that the woman’s sister-in-law said her loved ones “feel like prisoners. Over 10 people here watch us 24 hours a day.”

Three local officials were fired and the government apologized, but the family claims the government has not produced a promised investigation into the abortion.

Reggie LittleJohn of Women’s Rights without Frontiers was quoted by LifeSiteNews as saying the firings were “mere propaganda aimed at creating the illusion that the Chinese Communist Party adheres to the rule of law.”

Sadly, this is far from an isolated event in a country that believes it has too many citizens.

Last April, LifeSiteNews published a chilling photograph of a nine-month-old fetus submerged in a bucket of water, another victim of the one-child policy.

The country’s “family planning police” hunted the couple down because they already had one child.

According to reports, the mother was forcibly held down and given an injection to induce labor.  After delivery, the baby, which “even gave a cry,” was left in a bucket of water to drown.

“These violent procedures can happen up to the ninth month of pregnancy,” Littlejohn told LifeSiteNews.  “Sometimes the women themselves die along with their full-term babies,” she added.

Littlejohn pointed to the case as proof that China’s attempt to convince the world that it has softened the one-child policy is “pure propaganda.”

China’s major reaction to worldwide criticism appears to have been attempts to make their one-child “slogans” more acceptable.

LifeSiteNews reported that past slogans included statements such as: “If you escape (sterilization), we’ll hunt you down; if you want to hang yourself, we’ll give you the rope.”

To soften the impact, officials have added words such as “caring” and “please” to their slogans.

But clever marketing can’t hide the brutal truth that China’s one child policy has caused the death of hundreds of millions of innocent babies. It also ignores the brutalization, heartache and occasional death it brings on the mothers.