How To Pray

Below is a list of prayer intentions that your church, prayer group or other ministry can use throughout the year. Feel free to select intentions from different months to meet the needs of your ministry.


To pray throughout the year or during sensitive times, such as Mother’s Day, holidays, etc.

For increased awareness among people of all faiths that most abortions are unwanted or coerced, and that many—even in free nations—are forced, sometimes violently.

For unborn babies and mothers who have died from pregnancy-related violence and for those injured, hurting or killed in abortion’s aftermath.

For unborn children lost to abortion, and those at risk of abortion.

That mothers still at risk or being coerced or forced into unwanted abortions will find the help they need in time.

For mothers, fathers and families suffering from the loss of a child due to abortion, for those struggling with the pain and trauma that often surround this experience, and for those who experienced coercion, abuse, deception, violence and other injustices related to abortion.

That families, friends and society will better understand unwanted, coerced or forced abortions, and that all of us will respond with genuine and practical compassion and support for those who are struggling with an unplanned or difficult pregnancy.

For all mothers, fathers and families facing an unplanned or difficult pregnancy, especially those who are facing abortion and those who are being pushed, pressured, coerced or forced into abortion.

For mothers, fathers and families who were involved in an unwanted or coerced abortion for those who are grieving or traumatized by abortion, especially those struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts or other problems, and for families that have been emotionally and spiritually wounded by abortion.

That all of us will accept the challenge to create a more authentically pro-life, pro-woman and pro-family culture and offer practical and compassionate support for mothers, fathers, children and all those at risk of abortion.

For all women who have lost children to abortion or pregnancy loss, and for those struggling with infertility.

For mothers who were emotionally and spirituallly wounded, or physically injured, by abortion.

For fathers hurt by abortion: those who have lost a child, those involved in an unwanted or coerced abortion and those who were denied the opportunity to support their partners and unborn children.

For fathers grieving the loss of a child to abortion or other pregnancy loss, and those struggling with infertility.

For pregnancy resource centers and post-abortion ministries to receive the practical and spiritual support to continue and improve their work to help those who are at risk of abortion and those struggling after an abortion.

For guidance, wisdom and unity among those working to end abortion and offer support to unborn children, mothers, fathers and families.

That all of us will respond to the needs of mothers, fathers and families around us and rise to the challenge of creating a more authentically pro-woman, pro-life and pro-family culture where that legitimate rights of unborn children and their mothers, fathers and families are defended.

That leaders will become better educated about pregnancy- and abortion-related injustices, and be willing to defend the authentic rights of the unborn and their mothers and fathers.

For leaders who will challenge all of us, especially counselors and others in positions of authority, to give fair and honest information about abortion and provide meaningful alternatives and support to those facing abortion.

For all women who have died from abortion or post-abortion problems, and for the families who grieve the loss of a daughter, sister, mother or friend after abortion, as well as the loss of an the unborn child.

For healing and restoration for women, men, families, authorities, professionals, and others who were involved in abortion directly or indirectly, and for those who struggle with pain and trauma due to abortion.

For all those for whom the holiday season is difficult due to grief over the loss of a loved one, especially for all those who have lost loved ones to abortion.