I Hate My Job and I Can't Wait to Get Fired

It is, actually, almost physically painful. Every single morning, getting up and repeating the same routine, driving the same route from Loganville to Norcross. It’s horrible. Every morning I pray that it will be my last day walking through the doorway to the Georgia Right to Life office. Hoping, praying, that maybe, just maybe, this day will be the day that I get called before the Executive Committee and informed that my services are no longer required. Each day, though, I know that’s not likely to be the case. Because each morning I open up my web browser and navigate to the news, and I let out a beleaguered sigh at the missing headlines I long to see plastered across every news site in the world:

“Roe Overturned; Abortion Banned Across All 50 States Effective Immediately.”

“Planned Parenthood Shuts It’s Doors As Funding Dries Up.”

“Destructive IVF Banned Nationwide.”

“Personhood Amendment Passes; Life Recognized at Conception Under Law.”

“Cecile Richards and Peter Singer Joint-Announce Conversion to Christianity; Now Pro-Life.”

“President Obama Turns 180 on Abortion, Calls on States to Criminalize ‘Child Sacrifice.’”


Really, I’d take just one of those headlines. I wouldn’t even be picky about which one. But each morning, nothing. And each day that I start the engine of my Pontiac, the hum reminds me that children are being murdered today by the thousands in legal abortions. The thump as I cross the railroad tracks in Historic Downtown Norcross beckons the realization that the elderly and disabled are being snuffed out in the name of lost hope and medical directives. And the handle turning on the front door of the GRTL office is a constant symbol that, today, all men and women are not equal in America.

And as I open the front door to the office, march past smiling faces, and join the staff in our regular morning prayer, my desire to never return to this office ever again intensifies. As I hear the prayers for unity, hope, providence, leadership, blessings, and revival being lifted up around the conference room table, I truly believe that one day I will be marched in front of the Board. They will toss that morning’s AJC in front of me which declares the headline I’ve been longing to read. They will explain that human persons are safe now, and that there’s no more need for Georgia Right to Life. We can all go home and thank God for a job well done.

I know that day will come. And I believe it will come soon. I believe that people like you – reading this article right now – will radically shift our culture and restore the sanctity of human life. I believe that churches will see revival, that those who we callously called our enemies will meet Jesus and come to us as friends to help vanquish the evil they once supported.

Or once performed.

I believe that abortion will end in America. I believe that personhood will be established for all, and that men and woman will truly be equal from the moment of conception to natural death. I believe that there will be no more Planned Parenthood, no more rape exception, no more Together for Life memorial, and no more need for Georgia Right to Life.

None of it will happen without you, however. Yeah, you, reading this article. We need you. The innocent and marginalized among us need you. To lead the way, to set the foundation, to hold the line, to finance the crazy vision, to show up and serve, to stand up and speak, and to humble yourself and pray.

I hate my job, because it means that there is still evil committed against the most innocent people in our nation. And I can’t wait to be fired, because it will mean that the innocents are finally safe. But that will be a very good day to lose a job.

Please, help put me out of a job. Follow GRTL on Facebook and Twitter, share pro-life messages daily, go to your church and pray for revival, donate to GRTL or other pro-life organizations leading the fight, and serve in whatever way you can so that I never have to come to work again. Together, I know we can shut GRTL’s doors forever. As they should be.

Here’s to unemployment.


Joshua Edmonds is the Director of Education & Technology with Georgia Right to Life