Personhood - The Paramount Right to Life

Personhood is the human rights battleground of the 21st Century...
In the Supreme Court arguments surrounding Roe v. Wade, the personhood of the unborn was the pivotal point. Won't you stand with Georgia Right to Life in securing effective legal protection for all human life - from its earliest biological beginnings to natural death? 

                                                                                                                          The Path to Personhood GRTL

Please agree with us in prayer that together God would use our efforts to influence our culture for righteousness sake. Perhaps you can volunteer to help with the many opportunities we have, such as office assistance, community outreach, or hosting a Personhood Project seminar at a local college, high school, church, or civic group. Or perhaps you can give a donation today to help us make an impact by reaching out to women in crisis pregnancy, hosting educational forums in colleges and high schools, passing strong pro-life legislation, and other initiatives. Thank you for all you do to stand together with us!