Georgia's 'Defender of Life'

"Defender of Life"

There are numerous stories in the Bible of people who demonstrated courage in standing for the truth.

On October 27, 2011, Georgia Right to Life honored a former State Representative who has lived up to that calling by his tireless support of pro-life issues.

James Mills was presented the prestigious “Daniel Award” by GRTL President Dan Becker during our annual REACH Benefit held at the Cobb Galleria Centre. The event also included a time of education, encouragement and focusing on new directions.

The Daniel Award was created by past GRTL President Caryl Swift. “The idea is to recognize those individuals who have gone above and beyond what would normally be expected.  They have demonstrated extreme courage and faithfulness to life issues.”

Modeled after the prophet Daniel, a man of “righteousness and wisdom,” the award was first presented to then Vice President Dan Becker in 2005.

“James Mills is known for his tireless efforts to restore effective legal protection at all levels of human life,” Becker said, “GRTL is grateful to him for his unwavering commitment.”

Mills was involved in several prolife legislative initiatives including: The Woman’s Right to Know Act, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, the Human Life Amendment and the “Choose Life’ license tag bill.

“All babies have the right to a birthday,” Mills said, adding that the proposed Human Life Amendment to the Georgia Constitution is “a peaceful and positive movement to restore respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for Americans of all ages.”

In order for that amendment to appear on the 2012 ballot, it must be approved by the Georgia Legislature.

Mills also authored HB 388, the Option of Adoption Act. “An embryo is a person,” Mills said, “cars, old clothes and other property are donated.  That’s not true of children—they’re adopted.”

A graduate of Johnson High School in Oakwood, GA and Mercer University, Mills was first elected to the Georgia House of Representatives (District 25) in 1992. He served as secretary of the House Rules Committee and was also a member of the Appropriations, Banks and Banking and the Ways and Means Committees.

In 2001, Mills was named Christian Coalition Legislator of the Year, and in 2007 he received both the “Outstanding American Award” and the “Pro-Life Hero Award” from GRTL.

Mills resigned from the legislature in 2011 to join the state Board of Pardons and Paroles.

He and his wife Rita have four children: Micah, Moriah, Malachi and Mary Quinn.

GRTL wishes Mills and his family “God speed” in their new ventures.