November 2011 E-News

A 'Blind Alley'

Geron Corp. of Menlo Park, Calif., which invested 15 years and $150 million, said Tuesday that it can no longer sustain the costs of stem cell research. Paul Sakuma Associated Press

Efforts to protect the unborn took a step forward recently when a major participant in embryonic stem cell research said it was ending the practice.

Geron Corporation of Menlo, Park, CA said it will discontinue further research because of financial difficulties.  The company, which invested 15 years and $150 million in developing the treatment, said it can no longer sustain the cost of its research.

Geron was the first company to receive governmental approval for clinical trials using human embryonic stem cells.  Those trials involved four patients, including two at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.



Georgia is 'Together for Life' in 2012

Together for LifeGRTL’s “Together for Life 2012” service will commemorate the 39th anniversary of the two Supreme Court decisions that legalized abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy: Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton.

The January 23rd program will begin at 11:30 on the steps of the State Capitol with special music. It will give Georgians the opportunity to gather in memory of the more than 53 million babies lost to abortion since those fateful decisions in 1973.  It will also be a call to a renewed commitment to protect the sanctity of all life—from conception to natural death.



Georgia's 'Defender of Life'

There are numerous stories in the Bible of people who demonstrated courage in standing for the truth.

On October 27, 2011, Georgia Right to Life honored a former State Representative who has lived up to that calling by his tireless support of pro-life issues.

James Mills was presented the prestigious “Daniel Award” by GRTL President Dan Becker during our annual REACH Benefit held at the Cobb Galleria Centre. The event also included a time of education, encouragement and focusing on new directions.

The Daniel Award was created by past GRTL President Caryl Swift. “The idea is to recognize those individuals who have gone above and beyond what would normally be expected.  They have demonstrated extreme courage and faithfulness to life issues.”


Georgia Right to Life Needs YOUR Help

Standing up for all human life in Georgia takes the combined effort of everyone who believes life is sacred and deserves protecting.

Civilian state and federal employees have a unique way they can help by donating to the Georgia Right to Life Educational Trust Fund.  The fund is operated through the Combined Federal Campaign Fund (CFC). While this year's State pledge campaign ends November 30, pledges for donations to the fund may be made any time of the year.