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GA Voters will vote July 31st on "When Life Begins"


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A Vital Tool for a Critical Election 
Every election we’re bombarded with political ads, news stories, calls and mailers.  So much information that it’s often hard to determine which candidate has—or will—actually vote prolife.
To get you the real facts about each candidate, GRTL PAC is co-sponsoring a ground-breaking website....
called Life & Liberty Tracker,
"YES" on 5  = "YES" for Life!

On July 31st, 2012, GOP voters across Georgia’s 159 counties will answer questions about casino gambling, licensing weapons, and limiting gifts to lobbyists – things that may be important to some, not so much to others.  How about some common ground here – something we all hold near and dear? 

Certainly something we all have in common is life.

Darwin's Deadly Legacy

American Catholic Theologian George Weigel wrote:  "Ideas have consequences and bad ideas can have lethal consequences."
That is certainly the case with Charles Darwin, creator of the theory of evolution.  Here are a few quotes that demonstrate how his ridiculous theory has fueled absurd and deadly ideas (a detailed discussion of this topic follows).


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The Human 'Life' Amendment


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