Educating the Mind and the Heart

Aristotle once said that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

Through its REACH Project, (Raising Educational Awareness and Changing Hearts), Georgia Right to Life works to do just that:  educate both the mind and the heart in its efforts to bring continued attention to life issues across Georgia.

GRTL supporters may remember various billboard campaigns over the years. The boards contain pregnancy education and give women and men a phone number and/or a link to Option Line and then to their nearest pregnancy center for free services; pregnancy tests, life affirming counsel, community resources, and more.

Billboard related strategies have been around for decades and today’s cutting-edge technology makes them more affordable than ever. Colorful and innovative, they offer wide coverage and continue to be more and more popular.

Rotating the billboards at strategically chosen locations allows potentially hundreds of thousands of commuters daily. When it comes to cost-effectiveness and exposure, billboards are an attractive option for many organizations, including non-profits such as GRTL.

Hoping to expand its effectiveness, GRTL has recently incorporated Google AdWords, Google's main advertising product.  Adwords is a web-based search engine and an effective way to drive more people to the Option Line website and more.  AdWords offer considerable exposure for the money and a variety of advertising possibilities.  

Without a doubt, education is Georgia Right to Life's greatest challenge.  For over a decade, generous donations have allowed the REACH Project and Georgia Right to Life to fund prolife ads on television, the internet, the Yellow Pages, and to provide for billboard campaigns and even Google AdWords.

The REACH Project has also helped provide for college outreach across the state through the The Pillars of Personhood Project.  The Personhood Project’s two part, scripturally based program helps equip people as they engage in meaningful, thoughtful dialog on sanctity of life issues.

The REACH Project also lent support to Massachusetts Right to Life as they worked to defeat the state’s recent Assisted Suicide Bill.

Clearly, Georgia Right to Life’s REACH Program can and does have a profound influence in Georgia and a ripple effect far beyond our state’s borders.

While there is much yet to be done, the prolife movement is making progress.   “When you know better you do better,” says Maya Angelou.

Indeed.  Educating the mind and the heart is the best way to help bring Georgians - and our nation - back to life!


by Suzanne L. Ward
Education/Public Relations
Georgia Right to Life