You CAN Help!

We are each called as Christians to protect human life.  We can all do something – however small – to defend the most vulnerable among us.

The reality is day to day operations for any non-profit organization can indeed be difficult, especially in our current economy.  Georgia Right to Life certainly experiences difficulties - including financial challenges.

You CAN help, however!  And, it doesn't need to be difficult...

GRTL is regularly in need of everyday items such as paper products, batteries, trash bags, paper, etc.  So, it could be as simple as picking up a gift card at your local drugstore/office supply/grocery store!   Or, consider what the following amounts can do:

  • $25 can buy ~25 "Precious Ones", twelve week fetal models to help educate the community on fetal development.
  • $35 can buy ~140 informational pamphlets on fetal development, abortion, post-abortion care, elder care, euthanasia and more.
  • $50 can buy ~40 "180" DVD's - 33 minutes of arguably the best pro-life presentation ever!
  • $100 can buy ~100 copies of Randy Alcorn's "Why Pro-Life?".  These are super to give out at high school and college presentations!
  • $200 can buy the "Touch of Life" fetal model set at various developmental stages.  The babies weight and feel are so close to real, people instantly want to cradle and protect them - they even come with baby powder!
  • $250 can buy ~200 grocery totes with the GRTL logo. What a great way to promote the GRTL mission in your local community!

Day to day operations can be difficult for any non-profit organization, but a little help - your help - goes a long way towards GRTL's educational efforts across Georgia!

Questions?  Please contact Suzanne Ward at (770) 339-6880 or suzanneward@grtl.