Do the Right Thing!

As Christians, we are called to defend and protect human life.  Every effort can make a big impact!

We can all do something – however small – to defend the most vulnerable among us.

Since 1971 Georgia Right to Life has worked to restore respect and effective legal representation for all innocent human life from earliest beginning until natural death.

Not surprisingly, there have been highs and lows along the way.

However challenging the work has been, over the years pro-lifers know this one simple truth:  doing what’s right is seldom easy.  And, though there is much yet to be done, there has been some progress.

GRTL is one of the most successful pro-life organizations in the country, partly evidenced by the following:

  • Americans United for Life ranked Georgia second in its 2013 “All Star” list of states that protect innocent life.
  • Pro-abortion opponents, Georgians for Choice and Planned Parenthood of Georgia, acknowledge our success.
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America gives Georgia an “F” for protecting women’s access to abortion services.

For any organization, however, day-to-day operations can often be difficult, especially in our current economy.

GRTL occasionally finds itself in complicated situations, including financial challenges.  The good news is that there are a variety of things that most anyone can do that can have tremendous impact in helping GRTL continue their invaluable work.

Review the following and find what might suit you best:

  • Through December 15, 2013 civilian, state and federal employees can donate to the Georgia Right to Life Educational Trust Fund through the Combined Federal Campaign Fund (CFC).  Find out more here or contact CFC Operations at (Georgia Right to Life identifiers are as follows:  State -174000 and Federal - 39734.)
  • Check out our volunteer page on our website.  You’ll find ideas for types of work you can do from home, from our office, or in your own community.
  • Kroger shoppers can register their card.  It's easy and could mean so much to so many!  Find out more here.
  • Or, go here to find out more about simple, yet very specific things that you can do to help protect life.  It might be as simple as picking up a gift card at your local drugstore/office supply/grocery store.  In addition to educational materials, books and literature, GRTL is in need of everyday items such as paper products, batteries, trash bags, etc.

Fellow pro-lifers, you knew that the battle would often be up hill – and yet you choose to fight anyway.

You can choose to help Georgia Right to Life to continue their work, because it’s the right thing to do!

by Suzanne L. Ward
Education/Public Relations