Pillars of Personhood References

The Pillars of Personhood training handbook is divided into multiple sections and topics. Through these sections, we learn about where we get our personhood from, what is threatening our personhood in the 21st century, how to advance personhood, and how to engage your community with the message of personhood.

You can find the personhood training handbook here.

In the interest of equipping you with the knowlege contained within the handbook as well as the proof behind that information, we've housed all of our references online and divided them up by section.

  1. What is Personhood?
    1. Biblical Foundations
    2. Historical Perspective
    3. In Law
    4. In Culture
  2. Threats to Personhood
    1. Abortion
      1. What is Abortion?
      2. Pro-Life with Exceptions
      3. How Did We Get Here?
      4. Where Do We Go From Here?
    2. Emerging Technologies
      1. Transhumanism
      2. Pharmacological Enhancement
      3. Stem Cell Research
      4. Cloning
      5. Chimeras
      6. In Vitro Fertilization
      7. Ectogenesis
    3. End of Life
      1. Terri Schiavo
      2. Euthanasia
      3. Is Anybody In There?
    4. Eugenics
      1. A History of Eugenics
  3. Advancing Personhood