Columbus, Georgia...The Next Gosnell?

Columbus, Georgia is about to make headline news and I am begging someone to listen before a Gosnell like story is thrown into all of our living rooms on the evening news with Columbus Women’s Health Organization on Rosemont Drive as the backdrop.


Chattahoochee Valley United for Life (CVUL), a GRTL chapter, has been working tirelessly for years to get a health inspection for Columbus Women’s Health Organization, an abortion clinic in Georgia owned by Diane Derzis. CVUL thought that the clinic had found every loophole available to sidestep any oversight by the city or state, but that isn’t the case at all. Instead, city and state laws do not seem to have any jurisdiction to step into a privately owned ‘medical office’ and clean house…

Could that really be the case?

Derzis, the clinic’s owner has a disgusting track record of maintaining deplorable conditions. Her Birmingham clinic was shut down after 76 pages of health code violations and her Virginia clinic closed until it was able to reconcile 18 pages of health code violations. I would not want my cat in a facility owned by this woman, and yet, the city of Columbus has given her the salute to march its young women, already feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed, into a clinic with conditions that wouldn’t be suitable for stray animals. Every city, state and even federal office has been called; each phone call ended with the same phrase, “not my problem…”

Why? Why isn’t it your problem? Is it because the law does not support you taking any action? Or perhaps it is because loose laws allow for interpretation and, in this case, a clinic whose target client is low income women offers little incentive to intervene.

This lawless operating of abortion clinics is happening all over the country. These clinics are able to operate outside of the confines of the law because the word abortion could not possibly have the word “regulation” in the same sentence; otherwise, we’d have the pro-aborts back up to their slick tricks of throwing bloody tampons around screaming about the war that has been waged on women. No one wants that.

This lack of oversight when it comes to abortion clinics is not limited to Georgia. Even liberal New Yorkers cannot overlook the gross negligence on the part of their city’s health commissioner, Dr. Nirav Shah. According to Ben Johnson of LifeSite News, of the 225 abortion providers within the state the Health Department only oversees the 25 facilities that have formally registered as an abortion clinic. In the past 12 years only 17 out of the 25 abortion clinics in the state were ever inspected and only eight of those where inspected more than once in a dozen years. Once these numbers came to light Shah’s resignation was immediately requested, he will be stepping down in June of this year.

Pennsylvania is still recovering from the tragedies that happened within the four walls of Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic. Gosnell was convicted of eight counts of murder, a mother who died in his care and seven newborns he murdered by snipping their spinal columns after they had been born alive. Even Jack McMahon, Gosnell’s attorney, submits that an inspection would have most likely prevented this house of horrors.

How is zero accountability over the doctors and their medical offices a step up from back alley abortions? In Columbus we can already confirm that one of the abortionists, Dr. Andre Williams is not exactly in the biz for his love of women. Williams has been indicted on felony charges for Medicaid fraud; taking over $215,000 for a combination of elective abortions and charging for services not rendered. Ah yes, the smell of greed…

Greed is a good motive for not wanting inspections. Not a dime has to be spent on the abortion facility itself or the lawful care of its clients. Who needs background checks for employees? Who needs properly licensed staff dispensing controlled substances? Who needs a sanitary work environment? Not Diane Derzis. And at this point, I guess not Columbus, GA.

Chattahoochee Valley United for Life, in conjunction with Georgia Right to Life, has worked tirelessly to get a health inspection of the Columbus Women’s Health Organization. Perhaps if this clinic was a little farther north and its clientele frequented the country clubs of the city’s elite it would have been easier to get an inspection after years of phone calls. Shame on you Columbus! Take notice!

Being that it is an election year perhaps Teresa Tomlinson, or even one of her opponents, take this as an opportunity to hear CVUL’s concerns, to show care for the women of their community and to prevent the next Gosnell situation in their own backyard.

I certainly would not want to be Mayor when those headlines hit…