Georgia Right to Life Salutes Pro-Life Voters

​NORCROSS, Ga., May 21, 2014—Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) PAC Director Melanie Crozier today praised the thousands of Georgia voters who once again proved that being pro-life is a winning position.

“GRTL PAC endorsed candidates in 72 of the contests in Tuesday’s primary election. A total of 65 of those candidates won, or will be taking part in a runoff election,” Crozier said. “That’s a 90.2 percent success rate, an increase from the 88.7 percent victory margin in 2012.”

“These results should encourage all pro-life officials that they don’t have to hide in the shadows,” Crozier said. “Voters are hungry for leaders who have the courage to stand up for what’s right—in this case for the most helpless among us.”

Georgia Right to Life promotes respect and effective legal protection for all innocent human life from earliest biological beginning through natural death. GRTL is one of a number of organizations that have adopted Personhood as the most effective pro-life strategy for the 21st century.

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