For Men Only



She's pregnant and I'm the father, so where do I go from here?

That's a good question.  And just by asking it, you're on the right track.  Standing beside this woman and her child is where you belong.  After all, you're the father of the child.

You helped bring the mother and baby to this moment.  So it's right that you should ask questions and help make decisions. 

You're also right in not suspecting for a moment that this will all go away and be forgotten.  It can never be that way.  You know that from this day forward, you have created life.  Now this life is in your hands.

You need not be powerless or confused.  If the people at the abortion clinic or the health department make you feel that way, it's time to walk out.

Let no one call you merely a potential father, with a potential child.  You are a father with a child, period.  The possibilities are unlimited.  According to a national poll, more than half of all fathers - including married men - are not even told that their child has been aborted!

Some Important Facts

Professor Arthur Shostak, of Dresel University, surveyed 1,000 men waiting in abortion clinics while their girlfriends and wives were having abortions.  He concluded the following:

  • 42% of the boyfriends had offered to marry the woman.
  • 25% of those who did not offer to marry the woman offered child support.
  • Most of the men, regardless of their feelings toward abortion, offered to pay the costs of the abortion procedure.
  • 39% of the men believed that life began at conception or when the nervous system began to function.
  • 26% believed that the abortion was the "killing of a child."


You need not face this problem alone.  There are people who care about you and your baby-people who will help you in this time of desperate need.  Abortion is FATAL.  Please examine the alternatives.

National Toll Free Pregnancy Hotlines

  • Bethany Christian Services    1-800-238-4269
  • Birthright                                  1-800-550-4900
  • Catholic Charities                    1-800-227-3002
  • Liberty Godparent Home        1-800-542-4453
  • National Life Center                1-800-848-5683