Pillars of Personhood Calendar of Events





Pillars of Personhood is our premier pro-life training program that educates people on topics including the sanctity of human life, how to defend the pro-life position, and how to go out into the community to engage others on the issues.

Typically, Pillars of Personhood consists of a 5-hour training seminar on a Saturday followed by a local outreach event on Monday. Please RSVP to any of our events by emailing Zemmie@grtl.org.

Fall, 2016 Pillars of Personhood Events:

  • AUGUSTA, GA - Training and outreach at Augusta University, October, 2016
  • DAHLONEGA, GA - Training and outreach at University of North Georgia, Dahlonega, November, 2016​
  • ROSWELL, GA - Training at Fellowship Bible Church with an outreach at Kennesaw State University, November, 2016

Pillars of Personhood events are currently being planned for Spring, 2017. Please email Zemmie@grtl.org for more information.​