Passion to Action

For the last several weeks, the talk of the pro-life community has been the infamous Planned Parenthood undercover videos revealing their barbaric practices of illegally selling baby body parts after abortion  Some videos have even shown that Planned Parenthood is possibly birthing babies alive in order to obtain beating hearts and lungs. This shocking revelation behind the scenes of America’s largest abortion provider has left many asking the same question: What can I do to get involved and help?

As the Director of Education at Georgia Right to Life, I LOVE that question. The two most thrilling things I get to experience in this work are when people go from passion to action on their pro-life beliefs, and when people turn from anti-life to pro-life beliefs. Conveniently enough, when folks get involved it often leads to interactions in which other people change their beliefs.

Some pro-lifers think that if we have a mainstream outlet to communicate pro-life values from, that we’ll be able to change culture by sheer force. However, people are so desensitized to digital communication or “headline education” these days that being able to drop a personhood ad on someone’s Facebook newsfeed or into their email inbox simply isn’t enough. We need to engage with people one-on-one with interpersonal education. Getting out of our churches and homes to find people where they’re at – on the college campus, at the local county fair, etc. – is the single most effective way to change hearts and minds.

Pro-life activism is a numbers game. Having a convincing, factual, eloquent message on the sanctity of human life is only half of the battle. The other half is making disciples in our communities to spread that message. As Christ said in Matthew chapter 9, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. The more pro-lifers go from passion to action and get involved in engaging their community, the more we will grow the pro-life base.

Now, more than any time in the past 43 years is a critical time to get out and educate in our communities. The ongoing controversy over Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, the Presidential primary races heating up around the nation, and public opinion gradually turning against anti-life beliefs, are all vital opportunities to promote dialogue and engagement. We could truly be on the brink of a pro-life revolution in America, but it all starts with you deciding to do your part.

With that being said, not only are there things you can do to get involved and help during this critical point in our nation’s history, I personally challenge you to mark one opportunity down on your calendar, invite a friend, and show up. There’s no telling whose life may be changed or even saved, because you stood up and joined the fight. You can find a list of some of the pro-life events around Georgia by clicking this link here.


Joshua Edmonds is the Director of Education & Technology for Georgia Right to Life, an instructor for the Pillars of Personhood training seminar, and a published clinical/social psychology researcher.