No Time to Retreat

When Jesus said He came to testify to the truth, Pilate asked “What is truth?” (John 18: 37-38). 

Today society doesn’t even want to hear the truth, let alone understand it.

Speaking any truth that's not considered politically correct brings instantaneous condemnation and ridicule.

Say something that’s not politically correct, and you’re labeled a hater, bigot and even a potential danger.

Hearing the truth about a wide range of issues—including abortion—is apparently so painful that many colleges have created tiny “safe zones;” the only place on campus where free speech is actually allowed.

However even the perceived protection of such zones is not a guarantee of the right to speak, or even to remain safe.

Shockingly, disdain for the truth sometimes leads to violence. In 2014, peaceful pro-life demonstrators were physically attacked by a professor at the University of California-Santa Barbara.

The female professor apparently was distraught over the images of aborted babies displayed by the demonstrators, even though they were in a designated “free speech zone.”

The incident was highlighted by Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers in a recent interview with Christianity Today.

Pointing to the dangerous idea of shutting down free speech, Powers said: “Disagreement is treated as an attack and even violent in and of itself.  The act of expressing a point of view they disagree with is an act of violence.”

Powers ominously explained that the “new tolerance” has become “an existential threat to Christians.” She even has written a book on the issue: “The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech.”

GRTL President Ricardo Davis said the assault on free speech, especially Christian free speech, should be a rallying cry for pro-life advocates.

“This is no time for us to retreat,” Davis said. “We must have the courage and the wisdom to speak the truth in love. Our opponents would like nothing better than to see us run for cover and keep quiet out of fear.”

Davis pointed to efforts to blame the pro-life movement for the tragic Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado.

GRTL strongly condemns that incident as an evil act by a deranged individual,” Davis said. “But blaming those who stand for the sanctity of life is equally evil.”

Planned Parenthood and its supporters have suggested that “hateful rhetoric” from the pro-life movement prompted the shooter.

Many have condemned that view, including James Taranto, who wrote in the Wall Street Journal that when Islamic terrorists strike, we get immediate assurances of the peacefulness of Islam. But when a drifter attacks a Planned Parenthood clinic, we hear about the collective guilt of pro-lifers.

“All of this is more than simply efforts to silence the pro-life movement,” Davis said. “It’s an all-out assault on Christianity itself. If we speak out against what this fallen world stands for and celebrates, there will be efforts to silence us.”

Recognizing that fact, Davis said it’s imperative that the Georgia Legislature pass the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

The measure, which passed the House of Representatives, is now before the State Senate. It will guarantee the freedom of religious expression.

Nineteen other states have passed similar laws after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 1997.


By Wayne DuBois
Media Relations Advisor