Abortion Mills Closed in Augusta and West Cobb, GA

Prayer works!
As proof, two Georgia abortion facilities have gone out of business.
The controversial Alpha Gynecology and Consultants in Marietta will quietly close its doors after settling a dispute with their landlord, Cobb Pediatrics.
Almost at the same time, Planned Parenthood announced that it was closing its Augusta facility after evaluating its "operational efficiency."
The moves were praised by Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) President Ricardo Davis: "We serve an awesome God. I have no doubt that these closings are the result of years of vigils and prayers."
Alpha Gynecology and Consultants in Marietta
Disgraced abortionist Daniel McBrayer, who has a long history of harming and mistreating women, performed abortions at the Marietta facility.
In 1989 he was involved in the death of a 27-year-old woman who died from complications following an abortion he performed.
In 2002, McBrayer was cited by the Georgia Composite State Board of Medical Examiners for illegally performing a second trimester abortion in an unlicensed abortion facility. He was fined $5,000, his medical license was placed on probation for two years, and he underwent 20 hours of medical ethics training.
In 2009, McBrayer was convicted of punching a woman in the face during a road rage incident.
GRTL publicly commends Cobb Pediatrics for their strong stand and for going the extra mile to make sure this place did not stay open through deception and misrepresentation. GRTL also expresses much gratitude to all the men and women who have been faithfully praying in front of this abortion facility daily since it opened in August.
GRTL will closely track any efforts by McBrayer or any of those operating the Marietta facility to open a facility at a different location.
Michelle Wolven of the pro-life advocacy group Eagle Watch said they will conduct a prayer meeting at the facility. "We just want to give thanks to God for this miracle. He has answered countless prayers."
Augusta Planned Parenthood
George Vozniak, President of GRTL's Greater Augusta Chapter, hailed the Planned Parenthood closing. "Faithful individuals have been praying for this closure for over 30 years. I give God the glory for this development and thank them for their steadfast persistence."
The Alleluia Christian Community, led by Gary Garner, and another Christian group led by Vern Simon have had groups of people faithfully praying in front of this Planned Parenthood for over 28 years!
Susan Swanson, director of the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center, who is largely responsible for Planned Parenthood being kept out of the Richmond County school system, held a press conference this past Monday.
Women who had experienced abortion at the Planned Parenthood spoke to the negative and harmful impact that the abortion mill had on their lives while the pregnancy center, located across the street, has faithfully been a beacon of hope and help to them and countless other women.
The Alleluia Community and the Greater Augusta Chapter of GRTL co-hosted a gathering in front of the Planned Parenthood building at 1289 Broad Street in Augusta on Friday, March 4, at 5 PM for a time of thanksgiving, prayer, and celebration as well as a memorial to the children who have lost their lives there.