About Those Cookies

Upon hearing news of a pro-abortion rally to be staged by the North Georgia Skeptics Society on the University of North Georgia (UNG) Dahlonega Campus, Georgia Right To Life (GRTL) joined forces with other north Georgia pro-life groups for a face-off. Knowing the Skeptics Club supports such inhumane practices as the elimination of babies with disabilities, and the use of abortion to control “over-population” and poverty, we were not surprised to see their barbaric display of cookies shaped like babies that were decapitated and broken in pieces.

On Thursday, April 24, 2016, Georgia Right to Life joined with University of North Georgia Students for Life and the Dahlonega Care Center on the UNG Dahlonega campus to host our Pillars of Personhood educational display and to give out free educational materials to students. This outreach event was hosted in response to the North Georgia Skeptics Society’s planned pro-abortion rally on campus that same day.

To the surprise and dismay of many attendees, the Skeptics Society gleefully displayed cookies shaped like babies that were decapitated, and defiantly proclaimed that abortion should remain legal, among other reasons, to limit minority communities and thus lower the crime rate.

We want to thank the University of North Georgia for their continued hospitality and dedication to protection of free speech. GRTL has been a welcome guest on the Oakwood and Dahlonega campuses for seven years, our first of over 20 events being hosted when current Director of Education & Legislation Joshua Edmonds was Vice President of UNG Students for Life.

We have always been treated with professionalism and fairness. Both sides of the pro-life debate are equally protected at UNG, and we value the students, faculty, and staff who foster a community of openness to differing viewpoints.

The photos we took at the event have gone viral on social media due to the shock and horror at the flagrant disregard for the sanctity of human life displayed by the pro-abortion activists. Their defense of eliminating babies with disabilities, using abortion as population and poverty control, and gleeful promotion of dismembering babies is not anything new or unprecedented. On the contrary, their position is in lockstep with Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion movement at large. Their dismembered baby cookies are an accurate and consistent representation of the pro-abortion position.

In fact, the only difference between their dismembering baby-shaped cookies and the dismemberment of babies perpetrated by Planned Parenthood is that the Skeptics Society gave the cookies away for free, while Planned Parenthood turns a profit for baby parts.

When faced with displays like this, it is easy to get angry or fight back. GRTL encourages those who are hurt, offended, and shocked by the Skeptics Society to remember them in your prayers. As Jesus chose to ask God to forgive His persecutors rather than lash out, we too ask for God to open the eyes of those who blindly promote death and awaken them to the sanctity of human life and the offer of new life in Jesus.

Nevertheless, GRTL encourages you to never relent from your stand for the sanctity of human life, even in the face of heinous acts like this, as we work to advance personhood – the paramount right to life.