Winter 2011

Daniel BeckerDear GRTL Supporter,

As some of you know it has been my family's tradition since 1986 to "cast the lot into the lap" so to speak and acknowledge God's providence in our lives at the beginning of each new year. Our custom is to gather as a family and to consecrate our exercise to the Lord. We use Bill Gothard's "Character Clues" as the mechanism. It is a deck of cards with 49 godly character qualities drawn from the Book of Proverbs. We shuffle the deck and each family member selects a number between 1-49. That specific card is then given to the family member to be recorded in the family journal. . . a journal that we have kept for the last 25 years. After recording the character quality for future reference, the card is returned to the deck so that each family member has an opportunity to receive the same quality.

God faithfully works his will with us throughout our lives and doesn't need this or any other tool to accomplish His purpose in each of us. We choose to record these yearly reminders to show that He loves us as we are, and yet, His sanctifying love is committed to seeing the character of Christ Jesus formed in each of us.

It is always interesting (and not a little insightful) to see what the head of each household draws as a character quality. Looking back on 25 years of the providential history of God's dealings with each husband and wife, you can almost predict what the coming year holds. This has certainly been true with the character qualities that I have been assigned through the years. In light of everything that is going on with my life these next 8 months, everyone was eager to see what my quality would be for the year. Last year it was "availability". I reminded them that that particular focus thankfully ended at mid-night Dec 31st—no more last minute appeals to babysit for a large number of grandkids at the last minute. This year's quality was:

BOLDNESS vs Fearfulness   "Confidence that what I have to say or do is true and right and just in the sight of God."

"And now, Lord, behold their threatenings; and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word." Acts 4:29

You could have heard a pin drop and then they all roared with laughter. Not at anytime in the last 24 years have I drawn this particular quality. Someone observed that " for someone with the motivational gift of 'speaking forth' it is akin to giving a gallon of gasoline to a pyromaniac and asking them to be judicial in how they use it." The truth is that I needed this reminder. If we are to challenge some of the most powerful men and women in the state (and nationally through PersonhoodUSA) then I need to be very, very, very careful that my speech (and by extension GRTL's) is "true and right and just in the sight of God". I ask your help, particularly in how the Life and Liberty Tracker website is used to communicate with Georgia's voters. It is not a question of IF we will be confrontational, but rather HOW we communicate the character of our Lord as we seek to remove these men and women from office.

I would covet your prayers. I have FEARED this upcoming year for a while. Contrary to popular belief, Boldness does NOT come easy for me. I know how easy it would be for me to personally yield to that fear and NOT speak what needs to be said in a humble yet authoritative way. I intend by God's grace, to look these "sons of snakes" (our Lord's term not mine) in the eye and remind them that there is a God above who holds them accountable for their governance, as well as, an informed electorate. And by God's grace and with your help . . . I trust I will !

IN His Grace,