Welcome, Pastors

I’m delighted to welcome you to Georgia Right to Life’s Pastor’s Resource Center.

Here you’ll find information and materials designed to empower you and your congregation to help us protect the sanctity of all innocent human life from earliest biological beginning through natural death.

This site includes helpful sermons, discussion group and take-home information such as: insightful background articles, project lists, bulletin inserts, testimonials and more. There’s also a challenge from Pastor Mike Griffin, GRTL’s Vice President and State Field Director.

The pro-life movement has always needed the active, grass roots involvement of those who honor the uncompromised Word of God. That’s true today more than ever.

For 13 years, GRTL has successfully held a no-exceptions (except to save the life of the mother) standard when it comes to elective abortions. We’ve had numerous victories in that effort, proving that those who claim compromise is the only winning course are wrong.

But it’s not just the pre-born. We’re also deeply concerned about efforts to limit how far society should go in spending resources to treat the elderly, disabled and critically ill.

And while biotechnology holds amazing promise for aiding humanity, it also can represent a direct challenge to what it means to be human. Unless guided by a moral compass, we will unleash profit-driven ghoulish forces that threaten to permanently alter human nature.

GRTL will continue to be a Bible-based Christian organization that values all innocent human life. While we trust God for the victory, we need the support and involvement of you - His Shepherds.

I urge you to tour this site and contact us at stateoffice@grtl.org or 770-339-6880 if you have any questions or suggestions.

God bless you and thank you for your interest and taking the step to stand for the sanctity of human life!

Dan Becker
President, Georgia Right to Life.