Personhood: The 'Silver Bullet'

Personhood is thought by many to be the human rights issue of the 21st Century.

Personhood aims to restore respect and provide effective legal protection for all innocent human beings. By affirming the God-given right to life for each and every human being, Personhood also encompasses the threat of biotech issues, such as cloning, embryo experimentation and even euthanasia.

The ideals of Personhood are bold and fresh and are having far-reaching effects – and may be partially responsible for abortion facilities actually closing their doors!

Could Personhood be the ‘silver bullet’ to end abortion as we know it?

In Colorado, Personhood USA's 2008 and 2010 ballot initiatives have drained a significant portion of Planned Parenthood's budget.  After spending $3 million to defeat the measures, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has since closed their La Junta and Colorado Springs facilities.

Spokeswoman Monica McCafferty told the Colorado Springs Independent that she believed the pro-life movement used such ballot initiatives as "a just drain our resources."

Jennifer Mason of Personhood USA commented that “any collateral damage was an unintended consequence. And I can't say I'm disappointed."

Launched in 2008 by Keith Mason (Jennifer Mason’s husband), Personhood USA has caught the attention of more than a few supporters. Personhood efforts are indeed on the rise with perhaps unforeseen, yet very positive consequences…

Abortion facilities have closed at a record pace since 2011.  At least 58 U.S. abortion facilities have shut their doors or stopped providing abortion services - an average of 19 per year!

And yet, the abortion industry performed over 3,200 abortions per day in 2011.  Tragic, isn’t it?!

Clearly there is much more to be done.

Undaunted, Personhood USA is intensifying their efforts.  The organization’s ultimate goal is to build the support of at least two thirds of the states in an effort to reaffirm Personhood within the U.S. Constitution.

 “The uniqueness of each life is at the very core of Personhood”, they say. “It is the story of the Imago Dei, the image of God, not written by man, but by God himself.”

Georgia Right to Life can bring Pillars of Personhood training to your community, school, or church group. The twopart scripturally based program equips people to engage others in meaningful, thoughtful dialog on sanctity of life issues.  You can schedule your event here:

Personhood may indeed be the ‘silver bullet’ for the pro-life movement.  Join Georgia Right to Life in Advancing Personhood - the Paramount Right to Life - right where you live!


by Suzanne L. Ward
Education/Public Relations