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JANUARY 19, 2018

Attention West Georgia Right to Life Pro-Lifers!!
We are hoping to have a WGRTL delegation at the GRTL “March for Life” January 19th in Atlanta. Why not bring your church group to the event this year?  We’ve had several groups represented in past years, hope you can join us again!!!
We are making a difference!
Questions…feel free to call my cell to discuss further!
Yours for Life,
Duane Hack
Chapter President-West Georgia Right to Life
224 Lakeview Way
Carrollton, GA 30117
Cell: 770-312-4160




Hello West Georgia Pro-Lifers!

We concluded another successful “Stand for Life” October 7th 2017 in Carrollton (See pixs). Great participation with over 15 local churches in attendance and several new church contacts made. We were able to show the Pro-Life message to several thousand folks as they passed by one of the busiest intersections in West Georgia!

 As a reminder, West Georgia Right to Life is always available to present the Life Message to your local congregation during  a Wednesday or Sunday night service or in an Adult-setting during Sunday school. Informative, enlightening and Biblically based to be able to educate those in attendance concerning Life issues we face in our community, State and on the National level!

January is considered “Pro-Life Month”, keeping in memory and recognizing  the 59+ million babies aborted since the Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton decisions by the Supreme Court, which legalized abortion but also legalized abortion ALL NINE MONTHS of PREGNANCY  (Doe vs Bolton).  During the month of January, WGRTL is very active in participating in church presentations, so please attempt to call in advance and schedule a “Life Meeting” so we can be part of your respective church Life meetings in January.
As always, thanks for your continued support and “Stand for Life”
a Life is depending on it!


It’s just 6 weeks till our 13th Annual “Stand for Life” in Carrollton on October 7th from 10-11am.  We’re praying for 100 in attendance this year, with more churches having partnered and become members of WGRTL!  Can you give up just one hour of your time and join us at the "Stand For Life" to make an impact on eternity?


Please click on this image to download a shareable/printable copy of the flyer:


WGRTL President Duane Hack at the Bowdon Founders Day

Recently, WGRTL partnered with the Carroll County Republican Party during the Bowdon Founders Day Parade to hand out over 1,000 pieces of Pro-Life literature and Life bookmarks!  What a Blessing it was.  We will be partnering with the CCGOP Saturday September 23rd during the Temple parade.  If you’re available let us know, we’ll take all the help we can get!

WGRTL Summer-Fall 2017 Newsletter

For the latest Pro-Life news and information from Carroll, Douglas and Herd counties, the state of Georgia and national news and events, be sure to read the our newsletter by clicking on the button to the left

You are invited to the WGRTL "Spring for Life" Meeting!  IMPORTANT: Due to limited seating availability, PLEASE RSVP to Duane Hack if you want to go!


WGRTL President Duane Hack on WLBB New Radio's Community Voice Program on February 13, 2017

Update from the 2017 Atlanta Walk For Life!

Above are the pictures of the group that attended the Atlanta March for  Life this past Monday, the 23rd. WGRTL had 45+ in attendance for this event. 

We’re making a Difference…Thanking the Lord for the recent Executive Order signed by President Trump which removes funding of $500 Million to oversees Planned Parenthood facilities!

Remember, WGRTL is available to be part of your Sunday school, Wednesday or Sunday night services to assist you in educating your congregation on Life Issues……give us a call today!

Let’s not grow weary in well-doing!!


Dear Pro-lifers in Christ…
Please find additional information and facts that could be used during you preparation for the upcoming “Sanctity of Life” services Sunday Jan 22nd. Additional information can be found on our website: wgrtl.org.  You can email us for more information at west.GA.RTL@gmail.com.
And also, PLEASE FEEL FREE to disseminate this information throughout your email address book or church leadership, friends and family…INFORMATION IS POWER!...for the Unborn!

Duane Hack, Chapter President West Georgia Right to Life

Please click the button below for WGRTL Chapter President Duane Hack's informative letter to the editor about Sanctity of Life Sunday.  Please feel free to copy and disseminate as needed!

Sanctity of Life Sunday

Also please read our Winter 2016-Spring 2017 WGRTL Newsletter !

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Winter 2016-Spring 2017 WGRTL Newsletter

Summer/Fall 2016 WGRTL Newsletter - Click Here to Download!

WGRTL Has Had An Active and Productive Winter 2016!

These pictures are from the University of West Georgia Campus Outreach on February 29, 2016.

On February 27th WGRTL Sponsored a "Pillars of Personhood" Training Seminar at the Stallings Center in Carrollton.

Pictures from the 2016 Georgia March For Life

held on Friday, January 22, 2016

At Liberty Plaza in Atlanta (across from State Capitol building)

Sanctity of Life Sunday (January 17, 2016) Display at Liberty Baptist Church of Bowdon:

We are making a difference for those that have no voice......

Duane Hack
Chapter President-West Georgia Right to Life
"Faithfully serving Carroll, Douglas and Heard for those that have no voice!"



Pictures above are from the 10th Annual WGRTL "Stand For Life" held in Carrollton on Saturday, October 17, 2015.  Make plans to join us next year!

WGRTL Chapter President Duane Hack (on the right) at the Temple, GA GOP Founders Day Parade on September 26, 2015.

WGRTL Chapter President Duane Hack's letter to the Times Georgian, August 6, 2015

Times Georgian -- Letter to the Editor-Attn Kathryn Campbell

Planned Parenthood:  Is Margaret Sanger’s 20th Century Vision Coming to Fruition

By now, most of us have seen some if not all of the gruesome and detestable videos performed at several PPH facilities across the US.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of PPH, had this to say in her 1921 magazine “Birth Control Review”:

“The most urgent problem today, is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physical defective of our society. The undeniably feeble-minded should indeed; not only be discouraged, but prevented, from propagating their kind

Other comments used by Sanger in her commentaries and speeches refer to immigrants, African-American and the poor as “human weeds, reckless breeders, spawning human beings who never should have been born

Let me ask you…Why is it that 80% of all PPH facilities are located in inner city depressed area, where high concentrations of minority populations reside?

PPH is the largest provider of on-demand abortions in America, with over 330,000 abortions performed annually.  They receive in federal grants and subsidies over $550,000,000 from us hard working taxpayers.

Harvesting human body parts for profit, especially those of an innocent baby in the womb is incomprehensible, but also illegal (USC  42 289g1 and 2899g2).

It seems there’s a double standard in PPH’s vernacular when it comes to what abortion really is.

“The fetus is just a “clump of cells” when they suggest an abortion to one of their paying customers, but “human tissue” when they see an opportunity to make a sale for profit!”

God, please have mercy on our country for the reckless killing of over  57,000,000 babies in America through the act of abortion since 1973

Duane Hack

Chapter President-West Georgia Right to Life

“Faithfully serving Carroll, Douglas and Heard for those that have no voice


WGRTL and Carroll County GOP Team Up in Carrollton on July 11!

WGRTL combined with the Carroll County GOP to add a "Choose Life
Float" in the Carrollton parade on Saturday July 11th.  We were able to
handout over 2,000 bookmarks and informational sheets during the walk.
Another way to reach our community for "Life!”

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WGRTL Winter/Spring 2015 Newsletter Now Available!

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LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all begins with LIFE!

Link to "180" Video:  http://www.180movie.com

December 2014 Letter from WGRTL concerning the distribution of the "180" video:

Dear Pro-Lifer;

Please find enclosed one of the most comprehensive and informative Pro-Life DVD’s I have ever seen compliments of West Georgia Right to Life!

This short 33 minute DVD details reasons why we are Pro-Life and also presents talking points for when we are confronted by those that may not see Life issues as we do.  The DVD presents persuading conversations that sheds the light of the Gospel of Christ in Pro-Life conversations and in a Christian manner.

As we’ve closed down 2014, we are thankful for this special time of the year and also that Christ had a mother that “Chose-Life”, so that her Son Christ the Lord would be able to grant Eternal Life to those that accept him!

We thank you for your prayers. If you are not a member of WGRTL, please consider becoming a “Church or Individual Sponsor” to WGRTL, or making a one-time donation to our “Life-Cause.” Why….A Life is depending on it!

Enclosed is our WGRTL informational brochure, highlighting annual Life functions we coordinate in the West Georgia area.  Praying you will become part of this important Life outreach!

Visit our website for further information on our local chapter:  wgrtl.org.

In Him, Duane Hack, Chapter President-West Georgia Right to Life

November 2014 Letter to the Editor:


Letter to the Editor

Personhood-the 21st Century Pro-Life Movement-A Human Rights Perspective”

Personhood: “Each individual human life has an “unalienable” right to life, from its earliest biological beginning to natural death.” This right would be guaranteed as is penned through the writings found in the 14th Amendment of our Constitution under the “just due cause” and also stated in our Declaration of Independence:

“All men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that are among them are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

“Unalienable Right”: a right conferred by God, a right that cannot be abridged by government because it does not originate with a lesser authority.

Personhood is established in the light of God’s Divine Law, a moral and biblical perspective, versus that of Natural Law of man. This perspective is presented in the book of Genesis and is the basis of Personhood’s philosophy of “Imago Dei”, “in the image of God”:

Genesis 1:27: So God created man in his own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female he created them.

The unborn child in the womb is and must be seen through the eyes of science, politics and common sense logic as a living “person”, not just as a blob of tissue to be discarded at random for convenience or monetary gain.

Brain waves at 8 days, heart beat at 4-6 weeks, all necessary body parts needed to survive and sustain life in place at 12 weeks, all that is needed is time for growth and development of the child in the womb.

Justice Harry Blackmun, writing his affirmative opinion after the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 stated:

“(If the) suggestion of  Personhood of the preborn is ever established, the (abortion rights) case of course collapses, for the fetus’ Right to Life is then guaranteed specifically by the 14th amendment”

Since adopting a “Personhood” strategy in Georgia over 10 years ago, we have seen numerous Pro-Life pieces of legislation passed into law. Georgia is now looked upon as a leader and standard-bearer in the Pro-Life movement across America, and establishing Personhood is at the forefront of this battle.

John Calvin stated it clearly in his writings on Life:

If it seems more  horrible to kill a man in his own home rather then in a field, because his home is his place of refuge and security, it ought to be more of an atrocity to destroy the life of an unborn, whose only refuge and security is found in the womb of it’s mother”

Will you be a “torch-bearer” for those that have no voice, the unborn and aged?

We can do this by changing pubic opinion one heart at a time.

“If not you or I…then who?”

“If not now…then when?”

Duane Hack

Chapter President-West Georgia Right to Life

New WGRTL videos!
Obamacare and Taxpayer Funded Abortion -   Duane Hack of West Georgia Right to Life talks about how Obamacare uses federal tax dollars to fund abortions and by-passes Hyde Amendment.
Abortion 101 Facts and Figures - West Georgia Right to Life: Duane Hack presents Abortion 101-Facts and Figures on Abortion since Rowe V. Wade in 1973.


Letter to the Editor

“Taxpayer funding WILL support abortions through Obamacare”

Through recent in depth research, and “having read the bill in order to know what’s in it,” it’s a proven fact, American tax payers WILL fund abortions through Obamacare.  Here’s the fact, as they are written WITHIN the law:

What’s an MSP in Obama Care
(Multi state plans: Heavy regulated private sector insurer plans operated under contracts with OPM (Office of Personnel Management)

MSP’s will be required and phased into all states through a stair-stepped plan, 100% participation by 2017. MSP’s goal is to increase competition with State run exchanges. MSP’s will have an advantage  over state programs, since they will be advertised, promoted, administered and incentive laden through the OPM (using federal funds-tax dollars).  How these MSP’s will affect the Hyde Amendment as a back-door funding to abortion is this:
Section 1334(a)(6) of ACA states:
In entering contracts under this sub section, the Director of OPM  shall ensure that with respect to MSP qualified health plans offered  in the exchange, there is at least one such plan that does not provide coverage of services described in section 1303(b)(1)(B)(i), which section is a definition of the Hyde Amendment, regarding abortions which are covered: rape, incest and narrow set of conditions regarding the life of the mother.
All being said, an MSP overseen by the OPM, will have the ability to write and promote health care policies through the federal exchanges (funded and promoted by OPM with tax dollars) that by-pass the Hyde Amendment in this section of ACA, Section 1334(a)(6)**
Sections 1303(b)(1) of ACA states:
Nothing in the title (or any  amendment made by this title), shall be construed to require a qualified  health plan to provide coverage of services described in paragraph (b)(i) or B(ii) (Hyde Amendment) as part of its essential health benefits for any plan year....the issuer of a qualified health plan shall determine whether or not the plan provides coverage of services described in subparagraph (B)(i) or B (ii) as part of such benefits for the plan year.**
**The Charlotte Institute - On Point
September 2013
Multi State health Plans
Charles A Donovan

“We have to pass the bill, so you can find out what’s in it”

We’ve read it, investigated it and now understand it, Obamacare WILL use tax dollars to fund abortions!

Duane Hack

President: West Georgia Right to Life

“Faithfully serving Carroll, Douglas and Heard Counties for those that have no voice”

Hear West Georgia Right To Life Chapter President Duane Hack's radio interview on WLBB Radio in Carrollton concerning Obamacare/ACA and its impact on life issues.

Click Here to Listen


Please find below the links to two 30 second Pro-life radio spots that will be airing during the month of September on WBTR B92 FM and WWGA FM locally in Carroll, Douglas and Heard counties.  We have been blessed by local sponsorships that have helped to underwrite these "educational
life-changing" ads.  If you would like to assist financially in getting the word out to West Georgia, please feel to call or me email at your convenience.



Update from the Carrollton Independence Day Parade!

We had a great turnout for the Independence Day parade held on the 13th in Carrollton.  The final count of walkers this year ended up being 41. Praise the Lord!  We were able to hand out over 5,000 pieces of Pro-life information, which included our WGRTL tri-fold brochures, bookmarkers, and a fact sheet put together by the Carroll County Republican Party and WGRTL!

Thanks to all that helped in planning, building and walking in the float this year, only heaven will show us how many lives we were able to touch during this important Life outreach!

LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all begins with LIFE!

From the President's Pen:

“Fiscal Cliff” or “Human Cliff’

Either Way A Slippery Slope!

As we enter 2013, we are faced with the infamous 40th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision, making abortion legal on demand, the innocent killing of now over 55 million babies since the 7-2 Supreme Court decision January 22nd 1973.

Just this past week Planned Parenthood released their fiscal year 2011-2012 annual report, which presents record numbers concerning abortion performed and funding given.

  • According to the report, reported by PPH itself:
  • Abortions performed: 2011: 333,964
  • Abortions performed: 2010: 332,278
  • Abortions performed: 2009: 329,445
  • Almost 1 Million abortions performed in the 3 year report!

According to the report, PPH had a banner year when it comes to funding from the government, receiving a record $542,000,000.00

That’s government funding funneled through our tax dollars!

Planned Parenthood claims these funds are used for “woman services”, but a report by Susan B Anthony Lists presents the following:

  • Contraceptive services: Down 12%
  • Cancer Screening: Down 29%
  • Performs 145 abortions for every 1 adoption referral
  • Performs 900 life-ending abortions a day in their facilities, so every 3 days the same amount of innocent human beings who lost their lives in the awful terrorist attack on 9-11-2001 also have their lives taken in a PPH facility.

Abortions and government funding are both on the rise at PPH, yet all the while their “focus on woman’s health care” is on the decline. Something just doesn’t make sense here!

The tragic massacre of 26 innocent people at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton Ct sent shockwaves and fear throughout our nation, with new legislation and protective services being reviewed and developed, yet in a 24 hour period over 900 innocent human beings are murdered in PPH facilities in America and nothing is ever mentioned in the media!

As was stated by FDR the day after Pearl Harbor, December 7th will be “A date which will live in infamy”.

The same can be stated concerning January 22, 1973, the decision date of Roe V Wade, a day that changed the civility, innocence and view on life in America. It will ever be…

“A date which will live in infamy”




West Georgia Right to Life: Local Issues & Updates

  •   4th of July 2012 float a great success!

As we did in 2011, we participated in the Carrollton 4th of July parade.  Over 3,000 pieces of Pro-Life material was handed out to those on the parade route.  Thanks to all that participated in the event this year!

2012 WGRTL Independence Day Float

“I have noticed that everyone who is for abortion has been born!” -- Ronald Regan

Please be a voice for the unborn & aged that have no voice!

  • 8th annual “Stand for Life” October 20th 2012-Carrollton

A “Special Thanks” goes out to…

The following congregations and individuals for their continued support locally in helping us get the Pro-Life message out to West Georgia:

  • North Point Baptist-Carrollton, GA.
  • Liberty Baptist-Bowdon, GA:
  • The White’s-Carrollton
  • The Dutton’s-Carrollton
  • Holy Ground Baptist Church-Carrollton, GA
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Carrollton, GA
  • The Harris’s-Carrollton, Ga
  • The Dunson’s-Carrollton, Ga.

Pro-Life News: State and National

Michelle Obama: My Husband Stands for Promoting Abortion

First Lady Michelle Obama made it clear just what President Barack Obama “stands for” as he campaigns for re-election to another four-year term in the White House: abortion. Although Obama never said the word, Democrats never do these days in a tacit acknowledgement to the fact that a majority of Americans are pro-life, Michelle Obama talked about how Barack promoted pro-abortion Obama care as president and how he “stands for” abortion. http://www.lifenews.com/2012/09/04/michelle-obama-my-husband-stands-for-promoting-abortion/

Media Hides Fact: Planned Parenthood Does 40% of Abortions

We are going to hear a lot about “reproductive choice,” “women’s rights,” and how wonderful Planned Parenthood is in the media this week. http://www.lifenews.com/2012/09/05/media-hides-fact-planned-parenthood-does-40-of-abortions/

Reasons to repeal the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Obamacare)

  • Coerces individuals and Christian groups to violate their consciences and religious tenets by compelling them to provide abortifacients (day after pill) and contraceptives as benefits of health care plan.
  • Unless a State opts out by forbidding abortion coverage, qualified health Plans that are sold thru the new Exchanges may include abortion coverage.
  • HHS abortions are not paid for out of segregated accounts that must be established for premiums that are charged for non HHS abortions. Simply stated,  FED tax dollars (credits) are paid from the regular accounts of insurers.
  • National Right to Life has pointed out that PPAAC appropriates $7billion dollars for a new Community Health Center Fund that will subsidize community health centers without any restrictions against abortions or other anti-life treatment.
  • A new 18 member Independent Financial Advisory board is charged with recommending overall cuts in medical spending that includes private health care. Secretary of HHS is empowered to impose “quality and efficiency” measures in order for physicians to be able to contract with any qualified health insurance program. Beginning Jan 1, 2015, a qualified health care plan may contract with a provider only if such measurements for efficiencies measures are obtained. Their goal will be to “make recommendations to slow the growth of national health care  expenditures below the rate of medical inflation.”
  • According to an August 2010 Congressional Budget Estimate, the Obama Health Care Law will cut $555 BILLION from Medicare over the next ten years.
  • Section 3209 of Obamacare amends the section allowing private fee for service plans.  This means that under Obamacare, Washington bureaucrats are given authority to limit, or eliminate, seniors ability to spend their own money on health insurance in “for fee to pay services.”

(My comments: This is the beginning of a Health Care rationing system!! Doctors, hospitals and other health care providers will be told by Washington just what tests and care are considered needed, both through Medicare and private individual insurance programs!)