Welcome to White County Right to Life

Chapter Contact: Susan Hage 706-865-0950 CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION AND RECEIVE A FREE PRECIOUS FEET PIN Please call for time and date of next Chapter meeting. Your participation can be life saving.

Services we provide to the community:

  • Literature on abortion, infanticide, stem cell research, euthanasia
  • Speakers for churches, civic groups and schools
  • Referrals for crisis pregnancy and post abortion counseling

How YOU can make a difference

  • Educate yourself to be a witness for Life
  • Start a pro-life group at your church
  • Spread the pro-life message one person at a time
  • Wear the Precious Feet pin everyday, everywhere you go
  • Write your politicians on pro-life issues
  • Write pro-life letters to the editor
  • Provide teens with pro-life literature to share at school
  • Participate in Life Chain and Walk for Life
  • Financially support White County RTL and local pregnancy centers
  • VOTE Pro-Life