You Cannot Be Pro-Abortion And A Feminist

Sometimes I feel like I am in a time machine, and that I have gone far back into time. Back before pre-packaged cheeseburgers and air conditioning—into the Dark Ages. It is impossible to turn on a television, particularly to a news channel, and not hear about a woman’s reproductive system. Literally, the entire 2012 election boiled down to a uterus. The liberal left calls it a “war on women.” And yes, I agree there is a war on women. It is a cold war, a war of propaganda. One where female empowerment narrows down to the ability to make a choice. But what is empowerment? One experiences empowerment after expressing courage and virtue. If empowerment stems only from making a choice, then making the decision to drink and drive is empowerment. Do not be deceived, every human being makes choices, expressing that right does not empower them, it is a human being’s actions which define, whether or not they have made the RIGHT choice.

A question so-called feminists have to consider is how turning the attention back to a woman’s uterus helped progress the feminist cause? When I go back and read about the suffragists, I read about women who sacrificed their reputations, and even their lives, to secure women’s futures by; giving women the vote, granting inheritance rights, and creating a world where women would not be sneered upon for entering into the public sphere. The suffragists labored to show the world the worth of women beyond that wonderful ability of pro-creation. Yet, now feminists make martyrs of their reproductive system. They claim that the government should pay for their birth control, and that to deny them that right is sexist and inhuman. Is it too outlandish to expect a woman to have self-control when she cannot afford birth control? To suppose that she cannot is ultimately a sexist falsehood. And when did individualism or freedom come from a woman relying on “the man” to pay her way anyway? 

Ultimately the feminist’s entire goal is to undermine the beauty and wonder of the creation of life. They wince to read the word’s beauty and womb in the same sentence. To them a baby is a fly—gross and pesky. It is as venomous as a rattlesnake—an invader to their own personal goals and dreams. They cannot imagine good coming from giving birth, holding a child in their arms, molding it into a happy, virtuous adult. It is inconceivable that a different but better life will be found from this. That is the feminist, particularly the type who have no intention of giving birth to children at all. In fact statistically the vast majority of pro-abortionists are lesbians, who will never conceive. 

I think the average woman who has/considers an abortion is different. I believe they are driven by hopelessness. The fear of baby-shame, or poverty. Yet, I have never seen a woman as helpless and hopeless as a woman about to walk into an abortion clinic. A friend of mine was a former Planned Parenthood employee before accepting the truth about abortion. She said the women had one thing in common. They never went alone, always there was someone who came with them—usually a man—and they were not there for moral support. They were there to coerce the woman into the abortion if she should have doubts. And as the woman lay alone on the little white bed she would always appear hopeless, and doubtful, clinging with strained fingers to the lies of the world and Planned Parenthood, and when it was over and their child is dead in a dumpster they find that they have clung only to smoke and had nothing—not even their baby, which lay dead and discarded—to cling too. They have nothing but death and doubt and the hollow words of comfort given by a (what is almost certainly) male doctor to solace them at night when the hard reality of what they just did beats on them like a drum, where they could have had hope and life. 64% percent of women regret having an abortion, yet Planned Parenthood will only make one adoption referral for every 149 abortions they perform. They know that if more mother’s send their children to become adopted that it will chip into their $1.1 billion a year business. 

Women have been sacrificing their children since the creation of false gods. The children are sacrifices for the furtherance of their ambitions and for the appeasement of society. It is an unchanged system, always legal when performed, and no different (despite how we lie to ourselves) from the sacrifices of the past. To believe otherwise is to deny history, yet history as we all know repeats itself.


Carly McCurry is the President of Pulse Pro-Life at University of North Georgia in Oakwood, Ga. and author of The Last Aristocrat.