Abortion Facility Documentation

In the wake of the Kermit Gosnell trial, many states finally enforced regulations covering abortion facilities. Since 2011, at least 58 abortion facilities have been shut down. Roughly 10% of all U.S. abortion facilities have closed their doors following the horrendous discovery of the Philadelphia abortion mill. While many states have used the tools afforded them through constitutionally valid regulations to prevent the repeat of the travesty that was the Gosnell facility, Georgia has done nothing. Not a single abortion facility has closed in Georgia due to enforcement of the Georgia regulations, despite many facilities operating in violation of the regulations.  

Georgia’s abortion facility regulatory scheme is broken. Abortion facilities are regulated under two different sets of regulations, depending on when the abortion is performed. Abortion facilities are allowed to move between classifications, seemingly at will, when they prefer one set of regulations to another. Furthermore, even when a set of regulations clearly applies, violations go uninvestigated and regulations remain unenforced. Read more